Pick An Age Pastel Fun DIY Pack - ONE UP BALLOONS

Pick An Age Pastel Fun DIY Pack

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Ships flat. PLEASE PUT YOUR CHOICE OF 2 numbers at check out. 

Packaged with ONE UP in our VANCOUVER, CANADA studio. 


  • Colors: Pastel LATEX; Silver Foil Number 

  • 2-34” silver foil numbers; 10-11” pastel latex balloons; 

  • 11" diameter, 34” foil numbers sourced from North America

Purchase or ask for hi-float when inflating your latex balloons, this acts as a sealant inside of the balloon and keeps helium from escaping, making your balloon float for longer. If you are having your balloon inflated at a local party store, simply ask them to add hi-float.

Have your balloon inflated fully, this allows your balloon to hold more helium and will keep it floating longer