Vancouver Cake Delivery

Elevate Celebrations with Artful Creations from ONE UP - Your Vancouver Cake and Dessert Destination

Experience Cake Artistry Redefined at ONE UP

Located in Vancouver, ONE UP takes pride in being a distinguished name in the realm of cake artistry. From sumptuous pastries to iconic cakes and the renowned desserts, our bakery has transformed the local cake industry. Our hallmark is the seamless fusion of cake and art, where each creation is a masterpiece of flavor and design.

Crafted Elegance Using Premium Ingredients

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. At ONE UP, we meticulously handcraft desserts of the highest quality, employing only the finest ingredients. The joy we derive from our work is in the smiles our cakes bring to our valued clients. This dedication extends to every visitor who steps into our bakery or engages with us online.

A Team of Cake Artisans Redefining Perfection

The ONE UP team comprises world-class pastry chefs. Our expertise in the art of cakes is unparalleled. 


At ONE UP, we go beyond being a bakery; we are creators of edible art. Join us in discovering the artistry that our cakes and desserts bring to every celebration.