Add a Touch of One Up's Eucalyptus Greenery Balloons to your party

Add a Touch of One Up's Eucalyptus Greenery Balloons to your party

The theme of this balloon installation project was "Elegant Greenery" and it aimed to bring the beauty of nature into the interior of the restaurant. The project involved creating a large balloon garland that would stretch along the ceiling of the dining area and incorporate the colors of eucalyptus green, white, sand, and chrome gold.

To begin, the team at One Up All in One Party Shop first visited the restaurant to take measurements and get a sense of the space. They then created a detailed plan for the installation that would make the most of the restaurant's features and provide an eye-catching display for diners.

The installation itself began with the team inflating a mix of eucalyptus green, white, sand, and chrome gold balloons to various sizes. These balloons were then strung together in a garland with One Up's magic and attached to the ceiling using small hooks.

To add to the natural feel of the installation, the team also included several clusters of eucalyptus green foliage throughout the garland. This helped to break up the colors and add a touch of texture to the display.

The final result was a stunning balloon garland that spanned the entire dining area of the restaurant. The combination of the eucalyptus green with the white, sand, and chrome gold colors created a sophisticated and elegant look that complemented the decor of the space perfectly.

Overall, this balloon installation project by One Up for Social Restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancouver was a great success, and provided a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for birthday party and the guests.

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