Instructions for Aqua Balloons

Instructions for Aqua Balloons

Aqua Balloons, by Pioneer Balloon Company, are clear, transparent, spherical balloons that come in four different sizes; and come equipped with pink protective covers. Once the balloon begins to be inflated the pink covers will gradually release. 

Aqua Balloons can be inflated with air or helium (follow instructions), but do not have valves, so they require sealing. Balloons can be heat sealed, tied with a 260Q balloon or ribbon, or twisted and tied in a knot. 

Aqua Balloons can be double stuffed. The instructions suggest cutting a straight line off the top of the balloon while leaving the protective cover on. Fill the balloon with the desired object (eg. confetti), and then heat seal the top. Now inflate the Aqua Balloon with air, as the pink covering releases itself. 

Float times for Aqua Balloons are comparable to latex balloons but vary from 1 to 7 days, depending on the ballon size. The smaller balloons will likely float for a shorter period of time compared to the larger balloons. Bubble Balloons last longer than Aqua Balloons, which only last for a few days. 

Do not use HI-FLOAT with Aqua Balloons because it will lose clarity.

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