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11 inch helium filled Chrome Rose Gold latex balloon

11 inch helium filled Chrome Rose Gold latex balloon

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Best event decoration shop in Vancouver! Buy balloon decorations for your event today!

Bright color, great float time

This 11- 12 inches Chrome Rose Gold latex balloon is a great way to start your balloon bouquet. With a bright rose gold color, it's also a fantastic decoration for birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, graduation parties, and indoor events of all kinds. It's a great gift idea as well.

The balloon includes string and is filled with helium. It has been treated with Hi-Float to extend its float time so that you can enjoy this bright rose gold beauty for longer!

So what are you waiting for? Get your party started!
** Balloon weight not included.
One Up is a local Vancouver Party Supply shop, located at 3363 Fraser Street. We are dedicated to creating beautiful decorations for your special day! We deliver helium balloon bouquets, balloon setups, flowers, cakes, and all kinds of event decorations to Local Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, and Richmond.

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