Helium Tank Rental Small with Latex Valve (Plus $300 deposit) - ONE UP BALLOONS

Helium Tank Rental Small with Latex Valve (Plus $300 deposit)

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Helium Rental Period:

Personal: Up to 5 Days. 

Business: Please inquire for our exclusive rental offers. (Business License required)

Small Helium Tank with Latex Valve Rental inflates approx. 100 11 inch balloons.  

Helium Tank Rentals in Vancouver, North and Lower Mainland. Rent a helium tank for the best price in Vancouver. We only carry 99.9% pure helium allowing your balloons to stay afloat longer. Some of our tanks are totally portable and light weight. 

NOTE:  Inflate latex balloons the day of the event, latex balloons (not treated with Hi-Float) will not float the next day

If you want to inflate latex balloons the day before the event, you can treat the balloons with  Hi-Float that extends float time 25 times longer and can be purchased at the store or on our website Balloon Supplies.

Signed Rental Agreement, Government Issued I.D. and  a Major Credit Card is required for the Security Deposit.  Must be 18 years or older to rent a helium tank. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS ON UNUSED HELIUM OR EARLY RETURNS.


Never inhale helium from a balloon or helium tank.  Helium is lighter than air, high concentrations of the gas can displace oxygen that can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, asphyxiation and death.

  • Never leave the valve on the tank when transporting, there will be an additional fee charged for damaged valves.  
  • Do not open the tank without the valve being attached.
  • Do not use a damaged valve.
  • Do not drag, roll or drop the helium tank.
  • Do not allow children or unauthorized persons to use the equipment
  • Never leave the helium tank unattended in a public area.
  • Use the helium tank in a well ventilated area 
  • We cannot guarantee the float time or number of balloons inflated due to the quality of the balloons and/or improper inflation sizes.
  • 99% Helium for longer float time.
  • Helium is a nonflammable gas